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Select natural elements with the power to TRANSFORM SKIN’SAPPEARANCE

Organic vitamin skin care serums invented in Sweden, based on Swedish research on natural ingredients.

Transderma vitamin skin serums were developed by Dr. Alvin Ronlán and are based on
 over three decades of his research in the fields of natural antioxidants, vitamins and compounds that can help the skin maintain its vitality. The ProBios mission statement “For Life – For Science – For You” embraces the essence of these inventions. Historically, the primary objective of skin care products has been to achieve a temporary improvement of skin’s appearance, mainly by keeping the skin’s surface moisturized. Today, however, more lasting improvement of the skin’s cellular processes and preservation of a youthful appearance by preventing or slowing visible effects of the aging process have also become important objectives for cosmeceuticals.

At ProBios we have focused our research on key active, natural elements, such as vitamins, that are essential for skin’s vitality and appearance, but which come to be in short supply in our skin as we age. Such key elements are not just links in the complex chain of cellular processes, they also are able to initiate these chains and produce macroscopic changes.

We can obtain many of the vitamins we need from our food. However, as we age the amount of vitamins that reach the skin is reduced below the level required for revitalizing the skin cells, even with a diet rich in vitamins. We have discovered that targeted delivery of vitamins and antioxidants to the skin cells through topical application will boost skin cell activity to a more youthful level.

ProBios’s product range is deliberately very limited, focusing on exceptionally pure, scientifically advanced vitamin skin care serums for women and men.


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